Yo! I’m Renata. I’m 52. I’m an Australian/European living in absolutely fabulous France! Which means I speak French with a somewhat antipodean accent.

I love, adore! am crazy about seeing people come alive inside, feel good & look fabulous! Thus, the blog!20643869_337093136733856_1077953439_n

I believe self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it & own it!

It’s absolutely vital as women, that we think positive, lovely thoughts about ourselves, no matter what age, shape or size! And, JOY! truly makes a woman look beautiful. Finding the right style for you, should be something fun & sweetly anticipated. And building a stylish wardrobe doesn’t need to cost the earth, either. You don’t need to rob a bank in order to look & feel great.

I’m going to give you some fabulous fashion tips to help you get your fashion ON!

Living in France is a dream come true for me! I find I’m in a constant state of discovery! French women are so effortlessly chic! And I agree with them, SIMPLICITY is KEY & ELEGANCE is ALWAYS a MUST!

Dear ones, YOU are not a COAT HANGER, yes, it’s great when people admire that new dress or well put-together ensemble. But isn’t it lovely, when they notice the woman, wearing those fabulous little numbers!

An iconic example that instantly comes to mind… The Little Black Dress. We’re crazy about its remarkable simplicity & elegance! but we also noticed Audrey, the woman, in it. And, what a stunningly beautiful woman she was, too!

When the outfit compliments the woman,  you’ve GOT IT RIGHT!

Enjoy my fashion tips & once again, welcome! Or, as we say in French, Bienvenue!