French Women don’t Compare, They Admire. -Renata Huster-

I like that about French women. I like it a lot. It doesn’t matter what age, shape or size they are, if a drop dead gorgeous model is standing right in front of them, they won’t reach for their jacket to hide their muffin top, they will simply ADMIRE the other woman, her outfit & her shoes without comparing themselves to her. They won’t even ask where she bought her shoes because they know that style is a very individual thing, so those shoes look great on the model, she, however, has a very different style of shoe, SHE likes. The model rocks! & so does she! Remember too, comparing often leads to competing, that’s exhausting & a death knell to friendship. Admiring is always win=win!

A French woman likes her body. Her body is never fat! It’s voluptuously shaped,  curved…rounded. A French woman wears her sensuality well & effortlessly because she knows she doesn’t need to try, the mere fact that she was born a woman & all the deliciousness that comes with that, makes her feel highly desirable.

Bibi’ Macron (the current French president’s wife, her real name is Brigitte, but, really…there can only be one Brigitte. B.B.) is an older woman who is extremely comfortable in her own skin. I don’t hear anyone here, in France, mention the age difference between Monsieur Macron & her lovely self, (at 64, she is 24 years his senior ) Bibi is a woman & that alone makes her beautiful. It’s not about fat, thin, OLD, ugly or pretty! It’s simply about being a woman & everything gorgeously amazing that embodies, femininity, strength & gentleness.brigitte-bardot-396155_960_720

So, NEVER compare yourself to other women. Always ADMIRE.





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