You don’t need a village to give your breasts that firm ‘perky’ lift.

YOU do NEED, a PROPERLY FITTED BRA. Our boobs start to head South after a certain age. Fact. A good bra will lift your breasts nicely, giving your overall attire a more youthful shape. You will feel feminine & womanly & Your luscious breasts will feel loved & quite contented, too, in their COMFORTABLE, new ‘booby nest.’ Saggy, flabby, droopy boobies, look & feel SAD! A badly fitted bra hurts. Let’s face it, who needs bra underwire digging into their flesh all day loooong… OUCH! But a properly fitted bra will take care of all that! Which stores do bra fittings & how can you book? Nordstrom has in-store fit experts. It’s free & only takes roughly 15 minutes & you’re done! Marks & Spencer & Lane Bryant for plus size. Or, as my friend Isabelle, just kindly let me know, for those of you in the LA area, she recommends¬†Jenette Bras. She has a wide selection of beautiful bras in bigger sizes & will fit you properly. She has stores in the East side, West side & Pasadena. You will find bra fitting services are available in most major departments stores. And, if you can’t afford a high-end buy, don’t fret. Go have a bra fitting anyway! at least you’ll know your correct size & there are many good, inexpensive stores that have astonishingly, great bras, that will do you & your clothing proud! Don’t wing it anymore when it comes to bra size, you REALLY do NEED to KNOW your CORRECT size, otherwise… your boobs will end up in some floppy, shapeless thing, all bunched up or bursting out at the sides, underwire jabbing into your skin! Boobs bouncing up & down like yo-yos without any support! Don’t torture your breasts anymore! Plzzz! A good bra is good for your breast health & relieves breast pain. Go have that bra fitting & treat yourself to a good quality, COMFORTABLE bra. Wearing a properly fitted bra is truly a beautiful experience, so, GO & give them a comfy ‘home.’ Your BOOBS will thank you & you’ll look AMAZING!




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