Grab Yourself a Pair of Leopard Print Flats & Go Rock Your World!

Wasn’t it Marilyn Monroe who said, “Give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world.” I don’t know about conquering the world, I’ll leave that up to someone else, but what I do know is that my leopard print flats rock my world! One of the most versatile little numbers I have in my shoe-robe. 

I bought the pair you see me wearing here, in Melbourne, Australia, & I bought them for an apple & an egg! No matter what your budget, you CAN easily afford a pair of these little beauties. But if you want to spend that little bit extra & get yourself a quality pair of LP flats, ballerinas, sling-backs, loafers you can shop for them on Polyvore › Women’s Fashion › Shoes.
What can you wear them with? I always say, a LITTLE bit of leopard print looks classy, A LOT, overwhelms! I wear mine to jazz up a casual look, like my faded blues jeans, usually with a nice, cool silver on top, or for a more sophisticated look, I’ll wear black. In Summer they go great with a simple white dress & denim jacket. but I particularly love wearing my LP flats with something burnt orange, blue jeans & a burnt orange tank, or I’ll add a light Summer scarf & bangle or, a pair of BOLD burnt orange sunnies & voila! I’m ready to go conquer my world.


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